Our Team


Laura- Currently on maternity leave

Hello, my name is Laura. I have been working at Created 4 Me Early Learning Centre since late August 2013, I am so proud to be a part of the wonderful team here.

I graduated from Red River College April (2013) with my Early Childhood Education Certificate. In 2018 I graduated with my Early Childhood Education level 3 specializing in management from the University of Winnipeg.

The community of East. St. Paul is very special to me, as I grew up here. Biking down these streets, exploring in the back field and playing at the play structure in this very location are some things that are all too familiar to me. I bought a house and moved into Winnipeg with my finace. Where we live with our beautiful daughter Ariana and our doberman Taz. So it is an absolute joy for me to be involved with Created 4 Me and remain a part of this community.

I am very passionate about children learning though play. I believe by allowing children to play and explore we are providing them with the tools and skills they need to learn and be successful in life. By extending and expanding their play we can teach social,emotional, physical and cognitive skills. I feel that Early Childhood Educators are an essential role in providing children with the skills and knowledge they need to shape their minds for life long learning.

You can usually find me in the office, feel free to pop in and say hi!



Currently on maternity leave

Hello, my name is Melissa Baxter, I live in Winnipeg with my Husband Shane. I am expecting my first child in September 2017. I will miss all of the children and amazing staff at C4Me while I am gone, I look forward to seeing you all when I return in Fall 2018! I have been a part of the Created 4 Me team since February 2014. I graduated from Red River College in April 2013 where I recieved my Early Childhood Education Certificate.

I was raised in Winnipeg, but growing up I spent as much time as possible exploring the great outdoors with my family.We spent many summers at my Grandmothers cabin just past Gimli playing at the beach. We spent a lot of time camping, fishing, canoeing and just plain exploring.

This love of exploring was further fueled by many family trips. We traveled as often as we could. I was fortunate to be able to vacation to Hawaii, Australia, England and all over North America! This traveling and exploring has made me curious of the world and it has opened my eyes to all types of family dynamics. I value individuality, and strive to provide a caring enviroment that teaches children to be inclusive and appreciative of each others differences. I love to play outside, and to get dirty playing in the sand and water with the children.

I am very honored to be able to spend each day with your children, to play, share, laugh and learn together.


Infant Room


My career as an Early Childhood Educator began in 1983. I went to the University of Winnipeg from 1986-1988 and was in the Child Care Workers Training Program. I also attended the University of Manitoba from 1993-1995 and was in the Daycare Management Program.

I have worked in centres as far south as Lorette and far north as Churchchill. I have been a Director in Churchill and Thompson in total for 8 years. I love children and have now worked with all ages ranging from 3 months - 12 years.

Created 4 Me is an awesome centre. I feel blessed to have such a great team leader, great co-workers and the opportunity to make a difference.


I was born in Winnipeg, I am the second of three children. When I was four years old my family moved to Lockport. Here I went to college in 1993 for a Doctor's Office Assistant. I worked at the same office for 8.5 years in Selkirk. I also worked at a nursing home in both Selkirk and Winnipeg. In 1999, I got married to my husband Wally. We moved to Matlock where we lived for the next 8 years. We decided to move to Gonor after this and currently still live here. I began working at Created 4 Me in February of 2010. I love working with both the children and the staff here. I also enjoy talking with the parents and grandparents as they pick up and drop off the children each day.

Explorer Room


 Interim Supervisor

Hi! My name is Cynthia.  I was raised here in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my mother, father and 2 younger sisters.  I am happily engaged to be married to my fiance.  I have a wonderful, amazing, handsome and super smart son who is 11 years old, and an equally amazing soon to be step son who is 15.

I began woking at Created 4 Me in early March of 2013 and enjoy it very much.  I have recently graduated from Red River College Early Chilhood Education Work Place Program.  What I love most about this career is the children and how unique and special all of them are.  It amazes me how smart, courageous and confident your children are.  I feel that early childhood years are the most important years in a persons life and I am thrilled to be part of the childrens lives.


Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a Child Care Assistant at Created 4 Me Early Learning Centre. In June 2013 I graduated grade 12 from Niverville Collegite Institute. My family and I moved back to the city, as there would be more job opportunities. During my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family which includes my 3 fur babies Lilly, Chloe and Flyer.

I've always known that I wanted to work with children since my parents provided respite as well as fostering children and youth. With my experiences in dealing with children, I decided that I wanted to work in the child care field. In November 2013 I started as a substitute CCA followed by a full time position in the summer of 2014. From my time at Created 4 Me I have acquired skills and experience from the wonderful,suppotive and caring staff. Not to mention the amazing children that have attended as well. What I love most at Created 4 Me is the atmosphere that the staff provides as it is encoraging, safe and adaptive to each child's individual needs. It is a great feeling looking forward to go to work everyday and seeing the smiling faces, as it warms and fills my heart with happiness.



Hello, my name is Felicia! I'm the proud momma to four fur babies. My three cats Mocha, Oliver, Callie, and my 4 pound chihuahua George. I graduated from River East Collegiate in 2014. I was in the German bilingual program for 12 years and took Spanish for 1 year. In my free time I enjoy creating all kinds of artwork to decorate my family home. I live at home with my parents and three older siblings.

I have known that childcare was a path I wanted to follow since a very young age. My mom has always had an at home daycare and I've always loved helping her out with that whenever possible! I spent my high school summers volunteering as a camp counselor on Matheson Island. My work time as a teen/young adult was spent hopping from job to job just like any other kid my age. I went from waitressing, to retail, to make smoothies, to driving a golf cart and so on. Although I loved those jobs and they taught me so much, it wasn't until I found Created 4 Me that I felt I was finally where I belonged. This centre is truly wonderful. From the loving and passionate staff, to the amazing children. Each day here is new and wonderful journey that I am so grateful to be a part of. Working with children is something I have always dreamed of doing. Which is why I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing team.


Adeventure Room


I am originally from Manila, Philippines. I worked as a flight attendant for almost a decade.... that makes me so OLD. My family and I migrated into Canada in 2012. Shifted my career from flying to childcare. I took 3 Early Childhood Education courses in Red River College and I also have childcare training hours via various workshops and seminars. I'm planning to study again by next year. I am a wife and the mother of 2 awesome children; Rupert and Noah. I have been at Created 4 Me Early Learning Centre since April 2013. Though the years, I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of how wonderful and unique Created 4 Me really is. I strongly believe that Created 4 Me is a place where each child can learn, play, explore and grow as an individual. Teching and guiding children is my passion and I am very happy that I get to do something that I love everyday.



Hello, my name is Kim.  I have been working at Created 4 Me since December 2016.  I was born in Winnipeg, and moved to West Pineridge 14 years ago.  I have 2 dogs and 1 cat who are my fur babies, and a wonderful fiance.  I ran a home daycare for 5 years for 2 children until they started school.

My passion in life is children.  I enjoy watching them grow and learn as well as teacing them and watching their progress.  I love working at Created 4 Me and enjoy coming to work and spending the day with children.  The best part of the day is all the hugs I recieve from the children.  I am truly lucky to be part of Created 4 Me, who has amazing staff and children.


Support In All Rooms



I am the ECE II in the Nursery Program and I started at Created 4 Me in early September 2016. I received my Business Administration Diploma from Red River College in 2008 and then in 2013 I graduated with my Early Childhood Education Certificate. I am currently perusing my level 3 in Childcare Management from Assiniboine Community College via distance ed.

I spent my years growing up between Winnipeg and Teulon, MB. I live in a home that is very full of love with my son Theo, dog Jovi, and 2 cats Xena and Zeus. Growing up on a farm in my early years is where my love for animals began!! I enjoy meeting new people so please come in and introduce yourself!!

I am looking forward to growing with C4ME and taking in all the experiences that come by way. The Nusery Program is so wonderful and I am really enjoying the time I get to spend there. I enjoy working with children, everyday is new adventure. My favorite quote that best describes children is "Children arn't meant to be molded, but are people to be unfolded"