Nursery Curriculum

Created 4 ME Early Learning Centre Inc. Curriculum Statement


Interactions and Relationships


At Created 4 ME, each child is seen as a unique individual.  Positive relationships are fostered between staff and children by practicing active listening techniques, maintaining eye contact, getting down to the level of the child, and role modeling positive interactions.  Time is given to each child, so that staff can get to know each unique child. Open ended questions are used to let the children guide the staff and their peers. Staff paraphrase what children say at times, to help clarify as well as to let the children know that what they are saying is being heard.


Staff encourages positive interactions amongst peers by setting up areas in the centre that are arranged for solitary play, small group play, and large group play. We plan activities geared towards individual children, so that each child will feel valued.  Staff role model pro-social behavior by speaking respectfully to staff and children.  The staff at Created 4 Me Engage in play tutoring: Staff step into play, help to enhance ideas and concepts, and then move away from the play allowing the children to freely expand the play. The staff are always prepared to re-enter play to ensure play remains productive.  We extend the children’s vocabulary by offering extensions, such as adding new ideas, words or concepts to play and to daily routines. Rooms are set up with mixed ages to encourage children to help one another. Frequent visits from the older children to the infant room help the children to learn empathy.  All of the interactions in the centre are viewed as equally important. Children are guided through difficult interactions using problem solving techniques.


Planned and Spontaneous Experiences Continued:


Communication is viewed as the corner stone of our program. The staff speak with parents every day at drop off and pick up to ensure there is as little gap between home and the centre as possible.  Monthly newsletters are sent to parents to keep them apprised of what is going on in the centre.   Parents are encouraged to visits the daycares website, which contains information about the program, staff, schedules, background of Created 4 Me, parent information  and the  mission statement. Every room has a communication board where staff can record all the offered activities in a day. Registration forms are filled out by all families in the centre, which includes information about individual families. The information is shared with all of the staff. This helps us to better understand the families we are working with.  We build relationships with families by encouraging them to participate in the learning at the centre through volunteering or offering time to share skills with the children and staff in the centre. This has been done in the past by having parents come in and play instruments for the children, having parents build things for the centre, and having parents join in the program to spend time in the groups.


We incorporate the children into the community, and the community into the centre by opening our doors to volunteers, sharing parks, making visits to local businesses, and by inviting the community to events we hold each year. This is important because children are a valuable part of their community, and a healthy community starts with young children.  Laying the foundation for that understanding begins at a very young age. When children feel invested in their community, they are far more likely to be an active member of that community later in life.


Planned and Spontaneous Experiences


 At Created 4 ME, we believe that play is a child’s work. The learning and development that takes place during play is viewed as the most valuable learning that we can offer the children.  We immerse the children in an atmosphere full of possibilities, and encourage them to lead us down paths that they are interested in. Both spontaneous and planned play activities are an important part of our curriculum.

 Group times are offered as an option- Children are free to choose whether they join in.  Planned play experiences are offered throughout the day to help further play, ideas, skills and concepts. This type of planning is done through careful observation, constant open ended questions, and identification of the interests of the children. Observations are recorded in the observation book, as well as on webs posted on the wall. Observations are reflected on by staff and shared with each other, as well as with parents.    Staff elaborate on ideas and plan activities based on the interest and needs of the children. Activities are geared towards both individual children and to the group as a whole.

At Created 4 ME, we practice scaffolding the children’s knowledge with each activity that is implemented. This is done by adding new materials, adding new ideas and concepts and following the interpretations of each child.  Time is given for longer more in depth projects.

This allows children time to process and reflect on what it is they are learning.  For example, when the children discover cat tails outside and spend time exploring them, staff will use circle times to further the children’s learning, as well as to see what they already know. We view ordinary moments as the base for all important learning experiences. Simple tasks like opening packages, washing hands, and dressing, are also viewed as valuable learning for the children.  





At Created 4 ME, children of all ages, with different needs, abilities, ideas and interests are encouraged to learn and explore their environment at a pace that is comfortable for them as an individual. Children are encouraged to explore in the positive, safe, inviting, inclusive, and stimulating environment with peers, on their own, or with staff.   The children are given large blocks of time to engage in play.   Our daily schedule is consentient yet flexible to meet individual needs of children.  For example, if children are playing productively outside, and the weather permits, we may extend the outdoor play time, and may even do a lunch or snack outside.  This is important for children because learning does not follow a schedule set by adults, therefore, whenever possible, staff will gear the program to meets the needs of the children.


Indoor and outdoor play is both viewed as important and equal time is given to both, whenever possible. Connecting children to nature is done through actively engaging children in the outdoors, and giving adequate time for outdoor exploration. Both the indoor and outdoor environments offer open ended materials  such as shovels, pails, buckets, blocks, riding toys, water and sand tables, kitchen toys, art materials, manipulative toys and puzzles that encourage problem solving and critical thinking. 


A variety of materials can be found in the following learning areas that are set up throughout the environment: Sand, water, library, art & writing, puzzles and table toys, dramatic play, discovery, music and movement and indoor and outdoor gross motor.  All materials are rotated and changed based on the children’s interests at the time. We expose children to similarities and differences by providing books and dolls that reflect people of varying ages, cultures and abilities.   Having music instrument, play food and dress up clothing that reflect the cultural backgrounds of the children in our program.  We share children’s thought ideas and skills by display children’s work for parents and other children to see.