Our Philosophy

To provide an environment that is designed to stimulate and foster the opportunity for children to discover and learn. We offer an ungraded, non-competitive environment where children are free to progress at their own pace, learning from other children, stimulating and helping each other.

Our Program

In our nursery program, guided learning, growth, and discovery curriculum prepares your child for a lifetime of learning by introducing children to learning centres that encompass a wide range of activities. Children are introduced to math, language, reading, social and physical skills through creative and interactive activities. In addition, we continue to help children develop and use their self-esteem and independence. Prominence is placed on the importance of play and pre-kindergarten readiness skills.


Milestones focused on in our nursery program experience:

  • Huge emphasis on socialization and forming relationships with teachers and peers.
  • Patterning
  • Sorting by shape, size and colour
  • Understanding cause and effect and beginning to problem solve
  • Basic counting
  • Making predictions based on simple information
  • Recognizing own name and other letters in print
  • Showing a genuine interest in reading books with teachers
  • Recalling events from an activity
  • Artwork becoming more refined and beginning to resemble shapes
  • Special visitors and much More!!